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8 K-Beauty trends that you can’t ignore in 2021

  • Kombucha with the miraculous function of both helping to prevent oxidation, balance the skin barrier, and effectively soothe and support acne-prone skin.

2021 is predicted to be a year marking a major turning point for the beauty world when it brings a series of concepts that are both familiar and new.

In it, you will not be able to ignore the eight K-Beauty trends from Korea – one of the largest beauty industries in the world below.

Pore ​​care

During the epidemic, the mask became an inseparable object of each person. Under a thick mask, the skin inevitably becomes secretive, the pores are visibly dilated and excess oil is secreted, leading to a clogged condition that easily causes acne. Therefore, the need to find cleaning and pore care products is more popular than ever.
From makeup remover oils or deep cleansing cleansers to toners containing AHA/BHA/PHA ingredients, they are all enthusiastically welcomed by women.


Surely there must be a reason for Kombucha to be promised as the most sought-after beauty ingredient in 2021.
Not only is a fermented drink containing many beneficial bacteria to help keep the gut healthy, Kombucha with the miraculous function of both helping to prevent oxidation, balance the skin barrier, and soothe and support acne-prone skin. effectively.


Founder of Soko Glam – a news site specializing in K-Beauty beauty trends, Charlotte Cho affirmed that the trend of retinol skin care has been and will continue to make waves this year.

No one can deny the miraculous ability of this active ingredient when it can “balance” countless skin problems such as acne, darkening, aging …

However, choosing the right retinol product with the right concentration is essential because that will help this active ingredient promote its full effect on the skin and avoid unwanted irritation.

Clean beauty

The concept of “Clean beauty” – skin care with products with a clean, non-toxic, fragrance-free ingredient list will become the hottest keyword in 2021.

In the new year, beauty enthusiasts will have even more access to this trend as more and more cosmetic brands strive to improve product formulas with plant-based, sustainable, and sustainable ingredients. Environmental friendliness.

Nourish skin from deep inside

More than a tight skin, healthy skin from the inside is the dream of every woman.

Therefore, surely in 2021, beauty believers will be constantly on the hunt for skin care products containing rich ingredients capable of boosting immunity and protecting the skin barrier such as herbs (wormwood and wormwood). and ginger) or Ceramides – active ingredients that help form a protective layer that prevents moisture loss and skin damage

Besides, it is also very important to get enough nutrients, vitamins and water through the diet.

“Foundation-free” makeup

A tinted cream or sunscreen that lifts skin tone will probably be more suitable than the familiar foundation jar on hot days or when you have a mask on your face.

Grasping this need of women, countless K-Beauty cosmetic brands have launched multi-functional integrated product lines that both help skin care / sunscreen and can partly lift and cover. skin defects.

Hair care at home

According to a recent study from LOHBS, one of the top three Health & Beauty stores in Korea, sales of hair care products in the country recently tripled compared to before. there. This proves that women’s need for at-home hair and scalp care is increasing, especially when spas and beauty salons have to temporarily close because of the epidemic.

Now women have begun to focus on setting up a “beauty care” routine for their hair at home, simple but effective

Body skin care

Any part of the skin on the body deserves attention. It’s not just the skin of the face, neck or lips that need care, for Korean women, their body skin care routine has been around for a long time with the tradition of going to the sauna every week.

You can start your body routine right now with simple steps like exfoliating, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen regularly.