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According to the experts:
The hot makeup trends 2021-2022,

Xu hướng trang điểm với màu mắt đậm Trang điểm như không trang điểm, kẻ mắt, sơn màu khói, đắp móng ánh kim, điêu khắc lông mi được dự đoán là những xu hướng trang điểm sẽ sớm trở thành xu hướng hot trong năm 2021, đầu năm 2022. 2. Sử dụng son và phấn … Read more

10 Beauty trends that’ll be everywhere in 2021

  We asked five of the beauty industry’s leading experts to predict the biggest hair, makeup, and skincare trends of 2021. Hint: It’s going to include a lot of ‘jeck’ masks, LED devices, and scalp products. 1. At-Home Peels and Masks After having little or no access to our go-to dermatologists and facialists, it comes … Read more

8 K-Beauty trends that you can’t ignore in 2021

Kombucha with the miraculous function of both helping to prevent oxidation, balance the skin barrier, and effectively soothe and support acne-prone skin. 2021 is predicted to be a year marking a major turning point for the beauty world when it brings a series of concepts that are both familiar and new. In it, you will … Read more