NGÀY 06 (THỨ 5) - 08 (THỨ 7)
NĂM 2022

( SECC )


  1. Makeup trend with bold eye color

Makeup like no makeup, eyeliner, smoky paint, metallic nails, and eyelash sculpting are predicted to be makeup trends that will soon become hot trends in 2021, early 2022.

2. Use lipstick and blusher 2 in 1

Tint, liquid or cream lipsticks that can both be used as lipstick and can be used to make blush will definitely be sought in 2021. In addition to creating a harmonious front for makeup types your, on the other hand will help you extremely convenient to use. Especially busy girls with many plans in 2021, this 2-in-1 lipstick will save time for girls and you will always keep your beauty in every day.

3. Deep parted hair

Deep updos with fixed side hair will make your face more angular and attractive. Even if you split your tails or ponytails, you still easily score points in the selfie style or in the eyes of the other person.

4. Strobing makeup style

If you’ve always dreamed of having a shiny skin like Korean girls, then this makeup style will definitely help you with this. The way contour for the mirror will give way to the way the mirror is made. It’s a great way to use foundation, moisture with colorless transparent powder and combine with highlighter to highlight in special skin areas such as: under the brow bone, bridge of the nose, cheekbones , the median and the top of the chin. Those parts will set up to help you catch light when taking photos, creating a glossy skin.

5. Natural makeup

Until 2021, the natural makeup style still retains its position in beautiful graphics because natural beauty is what girls always pursue. Therefore, the natural way of makeup both saves you time and preserves beautiful skin.

6. Use the turban

The turban will become a new beauty trend for your hair, especially during the upcoming Tet or Summer holidays. It will be a complete combination if you choose the right color scarf with your outfit. Add into that, a turban is also a powerful weapon to help you cover up your hair on a busy day.

7. Smokey smoky hair

Smoky gray and balayage are two hair trends that took the throne in 2019. But this year, those two ways of beautifying the hair are not lost at all, but are combined together to create a more flaky hair. However, choosing this hairstyle, you still make sure to use products designed carefully so that your hair does not dry out.

8. Metallic nail polish

Scroll through the social networks, as the beautiful graphics are extremely interesting with the metallic paint colors that reflect the scent. In particular, this paint color is also very suitable for girls who like to party on New Year’s Day. However, you also need to protect your nails with a good layer of balm to avoid damaging your nails when applying many strange colors.

9. Use mask than active feature

The trend of natural beauty will continue to impress in 2021. Among them, powder is expected to be a mask material, unique for all skin types, especially oily skin, pores, skin with many Thanks and black head and to solve the state of environmental pollution directly onto your skin

10. Eyeliner

This way of beautifying eye makeup is like becoming an archive in the beauty blogger community on social networks. It is not used to use the dark color to get up to the length of the tail up. It’s using light to draw a bold outline on your eyelids. This method helps to pair eyes to look longer